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Tips and Ideas for Horses


Visibility is critical in horse fencing. Poorly visible fences such as high-tensile and barbed wire should not be used with horses because the animals could develop severe injuries such as deep lacerations or broken bones if they become entangled in fence wires.

Max-Tight Horse Fence is highly recommended for horses, as well as Premium Hinge-Joint Fence. Woven- wire fence with openings of 4 inches or more should not be used, since legs can become trapped in the openings. Woven-wire fencing with openings less than 4 inches is suitable for horses if a single 1-inch-by-6-inch board is placed at the top of the fence to increase visibility.

Recommended by Herdsman Brand

Also Suitable

  • Welded Wire Fabric with openings smaller than 4 inches with visibility board placed at top of fence





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